We rev up the value

of companies with

sharp communication.

Working on projects where clients typically have a short window of time to either win or lose 5 to 30M dollars.

Profit from innovation

In recent years it has become easy to get meetings with high status buyers who never heard of you before, deliver presentations and talk about the scope. But transitioning those conversations into first time revenue or new funding is a delicate and time sensitive process. It has to be executed well because depending on the outcome you can win or lose millions in value and move up or down the value chain. But there are many ways to get it wrong and failure can derail projects, lose R&D investments and shatter personal legacies.

Today, 9 out of 10 PR and marketing firms follow the same workflow since the 1980s that worked well with consumer products and Fortune 500 brands. The common practice is to create a facade brand and amp it up with hundreds of millions in ad buys and paid media. Moving this approach to mid and small size enterprises increases the probability to sell new innovative products between only 10 to 20%, with a high toll on internal resources and requiring heavy discounted first buyer pricing.

Our firm, launched in 2011, was founded on a highly evolved workflow. Using our KOM587 framework, we run a focused process to reach out to key decision makers, without need to buy attention through broad market advertising. The result is an 80% success rate of selling deals to new customers.

New products that upmarket your brand

In every industry the “up our out” principle applies. There are rare windows of opportunity when companies can seize a higher value market position if they act quickly enough. Great leadership teams understand the technological innovation and the numbers needed to make it work, they also put in place key partnerships. Weather they will increase margins by 2-3x or fail and even create reputational damage and loss of revenue depends on how they introduce innovation and what type of momentum they are able to quickly generate. We assist leadership teams in this transition, provide messaging, strategy, copy and coaching.

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Today everyone knows that if they are not 2 steps ahead of the competition, they’re one step behind. Fortune 500 firms invest billions in staying ahead of the curve. But 9 out of 10 mid to small size enterprises hold back and feel investing several million into tech still under development is too risky. We assist innovative companies and technology transfer firms to place next generation R&D into the market with high value add pricing and terms.

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Monetizing R&D with go-to market execution

Creating impact for complex industry or 

public projects

Currently several trillion transformation subsidies by the US and EU governments are accelerating projects in every industry. Companies and public agencies receiving those funds are experts at delivering the tech, research or policy goals. However 4 out of 5 lack communication skills needed to quickly establish a brand, leverage stakeholders, roll out new services and get target audiences to shift behaviors.Our firm guides those processes with minimal resource drain and creates high stakes impacts in record time.

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